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'With a voice described as having ‘elemental power’, Abbie's songs are organic, earthy and soulful. Her vocals are powerful, raw and expressive, accompanied by rhythmic and catchy guitar progressions.

Currently living in rural South West Wales (Pembrokeshire), Abbie's songwriting is heavily influenced by the natural world. Her sound has been likened to that of Joni Mitchell through both her lyrics and melodies.

Her debut E.P 'Run With Wolves' was released in July 2015 and received great reviews. She featured on the Jamie Owen show on BBC Radio Wales and has had airplay across various local and national radio stations. Her second EP 'Moana' released in 2017 was a ode to the sea, inspired by the wild waters of West Wales. In February 2022 she released a collaborative single 'Water' with Behind Sundown.

Abbie is currently in the process of writing her next album, which she aims to record in spring 2024, and release by summer 2024.


Soundcloud content consists of rough acoustic demos and has been recorded with basic equipment in Abbie's front room; Macbook, basic mic and Audient interface. 



'Water' - single ft. behind sundown - 2022

'moana' - E.P. - 2017

'run with wolves' - E.P. - 2015

lover of my heart // Abbie Jebbers

filmed at the queens hall, narberth, pembrokeshire, 2021

Abbie Jebbers - live at the queens hall, narberth

06/10/2023 -phone footage taken by tj and serena

Run With Wolves // Abbie Jebbers

filmed by wethedee at studiowz in pembrokeshire, 2019

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